Blériot XI Militaire of the Aviation Command at Trupalsko Polje, January 1913.
Lohner ‘R28’ of Schulflugstation Cosada returns to St. Catarina, 1915.
Crashed Etrich A.II (Fd) 72.35 of Flek 1 near Novi Sad in early spring 1915.
Nieuport XXI C1 of escadrille N.387 at Vertekop aerodrome in 1917.
Aviatik Berg between two Phönix D.Is of LSL at Šiška airfield, autumn 1919.
FBA Type H ‘N15d’ of 3.HK at Hvar, 12 June 1925.
LGL B3 no.132 of 1.VP with skis at Novi Sad aerodrome, late twenties.
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I s/n 2301 of 4.LP at Borongaj, spring 1940.
Captured prototype of the multirole Zmaj R-1 at Zemun, spring 1941.
Dornier Do 17Ka-3 AX706 of 102 MU at Shalufa, Egypt, in summer 1941.
Crashed Hs 126B-2 W.Nr.4361 of NASt. Kroatien at Kapino Polje, May 1943.
Remnants of Dornier Do 17E-1 W.Nr.3031 of 7.ZJ at Rajlovac, August 1943.
Cants Z.1007ter from 190ª Esc of 88° Gr ACI over Montenegro, March 1944.
B-24G-5-NT Liberator 42-78084 of the 450th BG at Plaško Polje, 2 April 1944.
Hurricane Mk.IV of W Cdr John Selby at Zemun aerodrome in February 1945.
Airmen of TLC with a Yakovlyev Yak 1b at Ruma airfield, March 1945.
Ilyushin UIl-2 ‘White 0’ of 421.VJP at Niš aerodrome, autumn 1945.
Bound for Israel, Spitfire LF Mk.IXEs at Kapino Polje in December 1948.
Lockheed T-33A-1-LO 51-6524 at Batajnica air base, 10 March 1953.
SGZ geologists next to Augusta-Bell AB-47J s/n 11562, Bugojno, September 1961
F-84G Thunderjet s/n 10595 of 172.LBAP(Š) at Zemunik, 18 August 1966.
Destroyed McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 ‘YU-AJN’ near Bežanija, November 1974.
MiG 21M s/n 22804 of 130.lae at Slatina aerodrome, summer 1979.
Edwards AFB, 24 September 1980: Maj Hamzić inside RF-5E Tigereye 71-1420.
Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 29 of 127.lae ‘Knights’ in HAS at Batajnica, 1993.

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