Combined Shipment Costs – Extra Savings with M-Bag

The M-Bag shipment provides an opportunity for cheap postage worldwide. Its greatest feature is that the price will remain the same whether the parcel weights 2 kg or 5 kg. For example, if you get both volumes of our Bf 109 book, shipment costs with registered air mail to Europe will amount to 19,00 EUR. If you decide to add the Adriatic Guard, Do 17, SM.79 and Scrapbook of Lost Aviation to the tally, the postage will remain 19,00 EUR.

M-Bag provides great value for money for heavier parcels as well, with price of 4,50 EUR for each additional kg of weight (surpassing 5 kg).

Unregistered Air mail M-Bag (2-5 kg) – EuropeRegistered Air mail M-Bag (2-5 kg) – EuropeUnregistered Air mail M-Bag (2-5 kg) – United States & CanadaUnregistered Air mail M-Bag (2-5 kg) – Australia
14,50 EUR19,00 EUR19,50 EUR29,50 EUR

Please note that for most overseas countries there is no option of registered M-Bag, but you can always drop us an e-mail and we will check whether it is available and how much does it cost.

If you have any questions regarding the prices and shipment costs, feel free to contact us at:

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