Boris Ciglić, attorney at law from Belgrade, Serbia, began researching history of military aviation in the Balkans from his early youth. As a long-time associate of the Aviation Museum Belgrade, he contributed with his expertise and extensive collection of photographs and documents in making of numerous books and articles published by renewed aviation historians worldwide. He is the author of the acclaimed monograph about the early Serbian Aeronautics, ‘Wings of Serbia’, published in 2009. His second individual book, ‘Seaplanes of Bocche’, was published in 2014. He also co-authored the books ‘Croatian Aces’ (2002) and ‘Dornier Do 17: The Yugoslav Story’ (2007). His latest book, ‘Messerschmitt Bf 109: The Yugoslav Story (Volume I)’, written with assistance of Dragan Savić, Milan Micevski and Predrag Miladinović, is due for publishing in March 2016.

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  1. Hi Boris,
    today I received your new book “Seaplanes of Bocche” – I want to congratulate you to this marvelous work. It’s so important to tell the history of those places like Kumbor – especially when they destroy all the old traces… Hope the owner of the newly built hotel will sell your book to their guests that they can see what happened at these place!
    Your book is highly recommended!
    Thanks for signing it!
    All the Best to you and your future aviation projects.

    1. Dear Martin,

      Sorry for not answering earlier, I missed your comment, for which I am very thankful. I’m really glad that you enjoy the book 🙂

      Best regards,

  2. Poštovani,
    radim u hrvatskim novinama 24 sata i pišemo tekst o pilotu iz I. svjetskog rata, Josipu (Josifu) Antunoviću. Imate li kakve podatke o njemu? Gdje je služio, kakav avion je vozio itd,?


    1. Dobar dan Bogdane,

      Imam tražene podatke, upravo sam vam poslao mejl.

      Srdačan pozdrav,
      Boris Ciglić

  3. Boris:
    I received your book “Seaplanes of Bocche” thank you for telling the story of Austro-Hungarian naval aviation in world war I
    a long neglected field that needed to be told. Great book I also
    loved the color in the back .

  4. Hi Boris

    I just found this site and wondered if there is any mention of my father Franz Falk in Seaplanes of Bocche. He was a k.u.k. Seeflieger (Seefaehnrich, then Fregattenleutnant) stationed at Kumbor 1917-1918 and was on various sorties as an observer, including 27-06-1918 when he was shot down in K213.

    Kind regards


    1. Dear Ronald,

      It is always a pleasure to get in touch with families of late Austro-Hungarian naval aviators. Your father is mentioned on a couple of places in the book and the air battle in which he was shot down is described in detail and includes a narrative report from Italian 258a Squadriglia, whose pilots shot him down.

      Best regards,

  5. Dead mr Ciglik Im interested in your book “Seaplanes of Bocche”. As wargamer and modeller, and with interest in the Austro-hungarian navy your book is something like a treasure. I
    hope that you can write another book about the seaplanes of the North Adriatic… Im sorry, you write an excelente book and your readers “Oh! When a book about this and those…”. Thanks.

  6. Thanks! I will order the book in a few days. My country is Spain.
    Thanks once more for your attention.

  7. The book arrived today in perfect shape.Its excellent and I am very happy to see your signature in it, many many thanks Mr Ciglik.

  8. I hope that some time in the future you will write something similar of the Northern Adriatic seaplanes.Thanks again.

  9. Dear Mr.Boris,I have read the comments of people who share the same love as I have which is the history of aviation.I have in my airplane collection all 3 books ,Serbia,Bocche and Do 217.They have a special place in my heart.Thank you for sharing with us the history of your country .Please continue to write ,I will be there to buy.Gary

  10. Dear Mr Ciglić, I am especially interested in German-built transport aircraft. So I like to ask if you have detailled information about Ju 52s in Yugoslavia (civil or military) available.
    Possibly, are you planning to publish a book about these aircraft?
    Paul M

  11. Поштовање Борисе!
    Да ли се књига “Крила Србије” може купити код вас? Зоран С. Београд

    1. Поштовани Зоране,

      Управо сам послао мејл.

      Срдачан поздрав,
      Борис Циглић

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