Foreword 5

Chapter 1: Birth of a Navy
First State of the South Slavs 7
Disaster in Istria 11
Liberation of Boka Kotorska 12
Occupation 13
Betrayed Expectations 17

Chapter 2: Difficult Years
Back to Basics 19
New Season and Old Flaws 24
Short Breath of Fresh Air 30
Steps Forward 33
The Lowest Point 35

Chapter 3: Resurgence
A New Start 41
Steady Course 56
On the Brink of War 71
Taming the New Aircraft 77

Chapter 4: Zenith
Growth Continuing 93
The Aeroplane Affair 107
Move to Divulje 108
In Dictatorship 110
Kingdom of Yugoslavia 136

Chapter 5: Camouflage and Markings
Early Period 145
Standardization 147

Chapter 6: Faces from the Past
The Men of PV KSHS 155

Endnotes 159

Appendix 1: Seaplanes in PV KSHS Inventory 1921 – 1929 160

Appendix 2: Ex-KSFK and ex-RIVVF Airmen Enrolled into RM KSHS 161

Appendix 3: PV KSHS Pilots & Pilot Trainees 1921 – 1929 161

Appendix 4: PV KSHS Observers 1921 – 1929 163

Appendix 5: PV KSHS Graduated Aircrews 1928 – 1929 164

Appendix 6: PV KSHS Commanding Structure and Flying Units 1918 – 1929 164

Appendix 7: Known PV KSHS Flying Accidents 1921 – 1929 165

Appendix 8: Approximate Comparison of Ranks 166

Abbrevations 167

Selected Bibliography 168

Selected Archival Sources 168

Selected Internet Sources 168

Adriatic Guard in Color 169


The creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in turbulent international enviroment of the post-Great War Europe requested urgent build-up of its military strength. Hopes that its maritime borders would be guarded with the assets left over by the once mighty Austro-Hungarian Navy were quickly shattered by the Italian Kingdom, which never hid its hostility towards the new eastern neighbour. Nevertheless, no other part of the armed forces of the first Yugoslav state would be founded exclusively on the Austro-Hungarian heritage as was its maritime air arm. The veterans of air battles over the Adriatic, both South Slavic and of other nations, and the aircraft preserved at the seaplane station in Kumbor formed the backbone of the Naval Aviation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The painful and expensive process of its creation and consolidation is illustrated with 34 seaplane profiles and 307 photographs, most of which are published here for the first time. This book represents the result of decades of painstaking research and is drawn from archival sources, interviews and personal recollections, as well as documents and artifacts from private collections in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, Italy, Czechia, Poland and Hungary.


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