Bocche di Cattaro, the isolated, heavenly corner of the Austro-
Hungarian Monarchy, was the most important naval base of the Central Powers in the Mediterranean during the Great War. Along the mighty dreadnoughts, battle cruisers and U-boats, it housed a new breed of weapon – the seaplane. Beginning from a shed in Teodo, then an olive grove in the tiny village of Kumbor and later, out of a solid and well-equipped base and forward flying stations in Durazzo and Gravosa, Austro-Hungarian naval airmen played a major role in the conflict of unprecedented proportions in human history. This book tells the forgotten story of their hardships, sacrifices, friendship and successes, from a modest start over frightening Montenegrin mountains, over daily actions against Entente forces in the Southern Adriatic, until the bitter end of the once mighty Empire, and resurrection of its former naval air arm within the new South Slavic Kingdom. It is drawn on archival sources, as well as privately-owned documents from Serbia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, United States, France, Germany, Slovenia, Montenegro and United Kingdom, and contains many previously unknown or long unplaced facts, 33 aircraft profiles and 189 authentic photographs from the epoch, most of which are published here for the first time.


Donnet Leveque Type C

Artwork: Ognjan Petrović

Translation of files in Italian: Aleksandar Stošović & Miodrag Savić

Proofreading of the text in English: Miodrag Savić

Format: 290 x 210 mm

144 pages

190 photographs

33 aircraft profiles


Release Date: 25 August 2014

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002 Do 17Ka-2 Br.22

Yugoslav aviators flew various versions of Dornier Do 17 medium bomber for more than a decade within five different Air Forces and in area that swept from African Desert to Northern Russia. The same type of aircraft was extensively used by Axis Air Forces from the first to the last day of the Second World War in Yugoslavia. This book tells the previously untold story of bomber crews of the Royal Yugoslav Air Force and their tough resistance during the April War, of German aerial operations over Yugoslavia, of Croat Leggionnaires and their endeavour on the Eastern Front, of Croat flying units struggling to counter the insurgency, of Bulgarian actions against Yugoslav Partisans and later Germans, and of Partisan efforts to form their own aviation and liberate the country.
This book draws on the archives of Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Britain and the United States, as well as the recollections, diaries and personal documents from numerous veterans. It includes a multitude of previously unknown facts, over 30 aircraft color profiles and 230 photographs, majority of which have never been published before


005 Ni 27 5515 03

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English translation: Miodrag Savić

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519 photographs from the epoch

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Release date: 10 September 2009

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